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Butler McIntyre Mortgage Fund (the Fund).

Our fund currently sits at over
* as at  March 31, 2024

The Fund is operated by Butler McIntyre Investments Ltd (“BMI”, “we” or “us”) as the “Responsible Entity”.

Established in 2001, the Fund has provided borrowers and investors a conduit for interaction. The Fund is pooled with all investor's funds and either lent to borrowers or invested with our Custodian-TPT Wealth.

How it works
Investment funds are used to fund loans. Loans are negotiated to borrowers on an interest only basis, requiring interest to be paid quarterly in arrears, and with principal to be repaid on demand of BMI. Distributions from the Fund are then paid to investors: find the PDS on the Investment page

We are committed to ensuring that we meet the continuous disclosure obligations of an unlisted disclosing entity under the Corporations Act and regulatory guides as effectively as possible.

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*Rates of return vary, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Before making an investment you should read the PDS. Returns are net of fees and are likely to change in line with changes in market interest rates. There is a risk that an investment in the Fund may achieve lower than expected returns. As it is not a bank deposit, investors face a higher risk of losing some or all their investment than in the case of a bank deposit.

The Fund is open to new investment and borrowing. To request a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement, an application form for borrowing or investing , or, a copy of the Quarterly Report please use the enquiry form available below.
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